Meeting Minutes 9/20/23


September 20, 2023 | 8:15 am

Board Members: Taryn Cocheo, President | Ellen Adams, Vice President | Johanna Dunigan, Treasurer | Vacant, Communications Director | Erika Veth, Secretary Agenda

Welcome & Announcements 

  • Welcome to a new year!

  • New website and meeting schedule

o Check out the new MEMS website—thank you to Ellen Adams for designing it!!

o Meetings will always be on the third Wednesday of each month, but we will alternate times. The October meeting will be at 5:15 PM and the November meeting will be at 8:15 AM.

President, Secretary, Communications Director
o The positions of President and Secretary are up for re-election in October.  Taryn (President) and Erika (Secretary) are happy to continue in their roles, but if others are interested in trying one of the positions please let us know! Happy to give everyone a turn.

o We are hoping to fill the vacant position of Communications Director. This person would primarily work with emails, texting, and social media. Please reach out to if you are interested in running for this position!

Classroom/Teacher Supply Request Process 

  • PTO Rep asks the requester to verify that school's budget will not cover the cost of the items(s).

  • If attainable on Amazon, it is added to the teacher request lists associated with the PTO Amazon account. Any MEMS parent/community member is welcome to purchase it at any time. MEMSAmazon lists are available here.

  •  If attainable from Scholastic, Scholastic Dollars are used to purchase the items if under $150. If over $150, the request is fulfilled if approved via vote at the next PTO meeting.

  • If the item is not available on Scholastic or purchased by another person:
    o ThePTOBoardcanapproverequestsunder$150withoutthevoteofthefullPTO.
    o If the request is for something over $150, there will be a vote at the next PTO meeting

    assuming the item fits within the allocated budget

  • If a teacher needs volunteer support (hanging posters, creating name tags, setting up at science fair,

    etc.), the PTO board will do our best to communicate to the other grade-level parents and guardians

    about this request through channels such as social media, email, text, etc.

  • All new teachers can use up to $250 Scholastic dollars during their first year at MEMS

    Principal/Teacher/Staff Update

  • The next staff meetings are October 10th (middle school) and October 17th (PK-5). PTO will plan to attend to tell teachers about the Amazon request process and ask for feedback.

  • Principal Harrison Shulman is seeking volunteers to provide monthly fun and relaxing opportunities in lieu of their regular staff meetings. If you have an idea (i.e. yoga, massage, crafting, meditation, exercise class, hiking, etc.), please email and we will compile a list to share.

  • MEMS is in desperate need of several positions including paraprofessionals, substitute teachers, and after school care helpers

  • The after school program is making a comeback—information will be shared via email in the near future.

  • Several PTO attendees expressed concern about safety issues surrounding the current morning drop-off procedure. Principal Shulman recommended that those concerned should reach out to the town offices for support in making the road safer. Attendees agreed that in addition to reaching out to the town, it is also important to reach out to the superintendent of BRSU schools, Randi Lowe. A group of PTO members are planning to draft communication surrounding this issue. If you would like more information or would like to participate, please reach out to and we will connect you with the appropriate people leading this action item.

 Fall Events:

o Parent Social: Thursday, September 28 from 6-8 pm at the Crooked Ram

o Scholastic Book Fair: December 5-8
o Staff Appreciation Sexy Llama: Friday, September 29 o Fall fundraisers:

§ Citrus: October 20-November 3 for Thanksgiving delivery
§ Wreaths: October/November for Thanksgiving delivery
§ Ellen A. and Carolyn R. will collaborate on coupon books for discounts to local businesses
Winter Event Planning (other ideas welcome):

o Staff Appreciation Event
o Mov(i)e Night - Halloween Party Friday 10/27
o Dollar Skates (plan several, organize early)

October 18th Meeting:

o President, Secretary, Communications Director o 2023-2024 PTO Budget
o PTOBylaws

Open Floor (5 minutes)
If you have an idea for the PTO or would like to volunteer, please let us know!


  • Text PTO to 802-444-0390 and we will add you to the texting list to receive regular updates

  • Subscribe to our calendar:

  • Follow us on Facebook: or Instagram: @mems_pto

  • Check out the PTO website to purchase MEMS gear:

  • Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 18, 5:15 PM


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