Meeting Agenda 9/20/23



Zoom Meeting ID: 962 659 4246 | Passcode: memspto                                                 


                                                                                                                                  September 20, 2023  | 8:15 am

Board members

Taryn Cocheo, President | Ellen Adams, Vice President | Johanna Dunigan, Treasurer

Vacant, Communications Director | Erika Veth, Secretary


Welcome & Announcements (5 minutes)

·      Welcome to a new year!

·      New website and meeting schedule

·      President, Secretary, Communications Director

Classroom/Teacher Supply Request Process (5 minutes)

  • PTO Rep asks the requester to verify that school's budget will not cover the cost of the items(s).
  • If attainable on Amazon, it is added to the teacher request lists associated with the PTO Amazon account. Any MEMS parent/community member is welcome to purchase it at any time.
  • If attainable from Scholastic, Scholastic Dollars are used to purchase the items if under $150. If over $150, the request is fulfilled if approved via vote at the next PTO meeting.
  • If the item is not available on Scholastic or purchased by another person: 
    • The PTO Board can approve requests under $150 without the vote of the full PTO.
    •  If the request is for something over $150, there will be a vote at the next PTO meeting assuming the item fits within the allocated budget 
  •  If a teacher needs volunteer support (hanging posters, creating name tags, setting up at science fair, etc.), the PTO board will do our best to communicate to the other grade-level parents and guardians about this request through channels such as social media, email, text, etc.
  • All new teachers can use up to $250 Scholastic dollars during their first year at MEMS

Principal/Teacher/Staff Update (10 minutes)

Upcoming Events (5 minutes)

·      Fall Events:

o   Parent Social: Thursday, September 28 from 6-8 pm at the Crooked Ram

o   Scholastic Book Fair:  December 5-8

o   Staff Appreciation Sexy Llama: Friday, September 29

o   Fall fundraisers:

§  Citrus: October 20-November 3 for Thanksgiving delivery

§  Wreaths: October/November for Thanksgiving delivery

·      Winter Event Planning:

o   Staff Appreciation Event

o   Mov(i)e Night

o   Dollar Skates (plan several, organize early)

o   Other ideas?

Open Floor (5 minutes)


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·      Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 18, 5:15 PM


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