Meeting Agenda 11/15/23

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      November 15, 2023  | 8:15 am


Welcome & Announcements (5 minutes)

o   Debrief: MOVE Night, Friday, October 27th at MEMS.

§  Thank you to Kaitlyn Zwagerman Tyler for organizing!

o   Cowbells and candy at the Halloween Parade—a new tradition!

o   Two new teachers have submitted wish lists for books. We need to use $600 Scholastic Dollars by the end of the month so we will allocate those dollars to the teachers as per the teacher request process..

Voting (10 minutes)

·      Budget

·      Communications Director Nominee(s): Kaitlin Zwagerman Tyler

o   Revise title to: Marketing & Events Chair

o   Revise description to: Market and engage on PTO Facebook and Instagram. Assist with photography and publicity along with VP (currently lead for email, inter school communication, and website). Assist with communication and marketing assets (ie posters, graphics, etc) and split marketing/communications duties with VP as decided between the two positions. Oversee processes and organization related to events. Acts as a liaison for ‘[Event] Committee’ and helps with facility requests, fundraising requests, purchases and communication between ‘[Event] Committee’ and PTO Board. Assists with planning and communication but is not responsible for executing event.  Event Coordinator is responsible for ensuring each event has a ‘[Event] Committee’ with a Lead Person that takes ownership of planning, vision and execution. Event Coordinator will help ensure the event is/will be successful for its intended purpose with clear goals, budget, and a streamlined process.

·      Purchase of a Cotton Candy or Popcorn Machine for fundraising and events

·      Scholastic book purchase of books celebrating diversity for donation to school or families

Principal/Teacher/Staff Update (5 minutes)

·      Volunteers for staff meetings

Upcoming Events (5 minutes)

·      Upcoming Events:

o   Manchester Tractor Parade: December 2nd. We need volunteers from Nov. 30-Dec. 2!

o   Scholastic Book Fair: December 4-8

o   Staff Appreciation Event: Date TBD, location is at the Social House

o   Dollar Skate: January 28th

·      Fall fundraisers:

o   Citrus: Order submitted for December 10-19 delivery

o   Wreaths: Due November 15 for November 20 delivery to MEMS

·      Spring Event Planning (other ideas welcome):

o   Carnival—we will need a lead person and a sub-committee

o   Staff appreciation

o   Parent Social—Need a lead person to organize

Open Floor (5 minutes)


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·      Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 15, 8:15 AM


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