May Meeting Notes


                                                                                                                                           May 14, 2024  | 8:15 am

Board members

Taryn Cocheo, President | Ellen Adams, Vice President | Johanna Dunigan, Treasurer

Kait Zwagerman Tyler, Communications Director | Erika Veth, Secretary


Welcome & Announcements (2 minutes)

·      Discount cards are still available for $20

Voting: (3 minutes)

·      $500 toward the 8th Grade Graduation celebration—for photo booth or similar: unanimous approval

·      Unanimous approval to fulfill teacher requests

Principal/Teacher/Staff Update (5 minutes)

Spring Events: (10 minutes)

o   Book Fair May 13-17 – still need volunteers for tomorrow (Thursday)

o   Taryn will send a book fair volunteer requests

o   Volunteer Appreciation Party on May 29th

o   Field Day—last day of school—ice cream—June 12th

§  Need volunteers to hand out ice cream at end of day (half day)

o   Staff Breakfast—June 13th

§  Erika to make potluck signup

Financial Update (3 minutes)

·      Johanna gave a report—we need to sell more discount cards

Volunteers Needed! (3 minutes)

·      Seeking volunteers to join a committee to plan middle school dances during the 2024-2025 academic year—Kait can lead the elementary but we need a middle school volunteer

·      Carnival/Fair games—moving it to the rec park in the beginning of the year during welcome night (or can move to end of the year)

·      Walking/biking school bus—we need someone to lead this effort--

·      Parent socials (this spring and in September)

o   September—Erika to plan

2024-2025 PTO Plans (15 minutes)

·      Website/Email Manager position—need someone to take this on

·      Fundraising opportunities

o   Flamingo fundraiser

·      We welcome people to come up with ideas and lead them

·      August: Back to school night; school supplies

·      September: Back to school night/carnival, parent social, new parent hike, luncheon for parents

·      October: Penny war, bingo—move book fair to October

·      November: Harvest Bingo (Chrissy will lead), staff gift or party

·      December: MOVE night, wreaths, citrus; Taryn looking into a gift sale


Open Floor (5 minutes)


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